HXI was our second tournament for Blizzard's collectible card card, Hearthstone. HXI saw peak viewership of over 60,000 concurrent viewers and reached hundreds of thousands of Hearthstone fans.
WellPlayed Cup was an amateur LoL event we put together that was the first showing of our Tip Jar. Four qualified teams and four invited teams competed for an initial prize pool of $2000 USD, which was increased to $3149 USD through generous tips by our viewers.
WellPlayed partnered with world renowned League of Legends team Counter Logic Gaming to put on a 16 team amateur LoL tournament. The tournament took place over the course of an entire week and set the bar higher for all online LoL tournaments to follow.
Rampage was a 6 week King of the Hill event put on in the early days of League of Legends. Since this competition took place before Riot released an official spectator client for the game, we had to overcome several logistical and technological hurdles.
Sunday Night Fights was a series of small double elimination tournaments where the winner of each would be invited back. The production style mimicked historical boxing matches, as can be seen in our promotional assets and the great intro video.
WellPlayed's camera crew took off to MLG Columbus to capture the atmosphere at the first MLG to feature the feared Korean StarCraft 2 players. The documentary features several interviews and great crowd reaction shots.
Directed by Michael Krukar.

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