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WellPlayed Productions is pleased to present "StarCraft 2: Year One," a retrospective look at the first year of StarCraft II from the perspective of progamers and eSports personalities who have been first-hand witnesses to the growth of StarCraft II since
Let’s face it – we’re results-oriented people. What’s more, we are short-term results-oriented people. Many of us have played hundreds of games of StarCraft II since its release, so it’s nearly impossible and, more importantly, insignificant for us to rem
The difference between a game and a sport is fans. If a game has engaging gameplay, it can gain a competitive player base. If it is entertaining to watch, it can gain fans. When a game has players that want to play and viewers that want to watch, a third
Nik Lentz came from a background in wrestling and Pre-Med studies to become the highly skilled MMA fighter many know him to be today. Who would have guessed that on top of that he is not only an avid gamer, but a huge StarCraft fan as well? Although his l
I couldn’t stay still anymore. Kevin Riley, better known as qxc, had already demolished three members of Incredible Miracle, arguably the strongest Korean pro StarCraft II team.

Are the Pros Hungry?

by PhilPhoenix - Aug 16, 2011
Another MLG has come and gone, and once again the pros from Korea took all of the top spots. There were some close calls and even a few surprises, but when all was said and done, Korea reigned supreme for the second MLG in a row. The Gom-MLG exchange prog
Finally well-rested from the 7 hour drive back from Anaheim, California, I give you: A Not So Serious List of Things I Learned From MLG Anaheim
MLG Anaheim was a total blast -- there were more fans, more storylines and more chairs than at Columbus. From the Emperor doing better than anyone could imagine to MMA again reaching the finals of MLG, it an incredible 3 days of StarCaft II.
One of my personal goals for WellPlayed is to have it function not just as a site for StarCraft II, but like our motto says, a hub for eSports in general. SC2 is obviously fantastic, but there are so many other eSports and communities that it feels crimin
Origins In the south of France lies a city called Arles. Till recently, Arles was best known as the residence of one of the greatest artists our race has seen – Vincent Van Gogh. Another artist was born on the 20th of March, 1985 in the same city.
Members of the Starcraft community will sometimes say a player has "good simcity" when talking about their structures. What are they talking about? While the term "SimCity" originally comes from the classic game of the same name, in Starcraft the term 'si
Have you ever been bored? I don't mean bored in the casual there's-nothing-on-TV kind of way, but at a general loss for stimulation: a feeling that you're not being pushed and motivated as thoroughly as you can be. A listlessness pertaining to your int
Some people rate companies by how well their stock is doing, others by the number of employees or the net worth of the company. Recently, however, a new metric has been introduced which will remove any doubt as to where each company falls with respect
On July 5th at 9:00 AM PDT, the StarCraft II North American ladder was locked, bonus pools were frozen, and after only three short months, Season 2 came to an end. Blizzard has told us that they will give players until Tuesday, July 26th to use up their
What does science have to say about players performing 250-300 APM and how does that affect our decision making? How many things can the mind keep track of before losing information? Is there a golden amount of drops that can be sent to guarantee...

After the Clash 2

by PhilPhoenix - Jul 12, 2011
Cyber Sports Network, widely known for their event coverage and the “Clash of the Houses” events in Korea, is bringing another must-see event to the community tonight. CSN held “After the Clash,” as a way to tie into “Clash of the Houses” and involve ev
Three months of nonstop StarCraft II matches culminated in the NASL Grand Finals this past weekend in Ontario, California. Now that the dust has settled and a champion has been declared, it’s time to gather our thoughts and reflect on what we’ve witness
Freshly back from Ontario, I give you, in no particular order: A Not So Serious List of Things I Learned From NASL
The NASL Finals were incredible fun. It was both more and less than MLG. Because it was smaller and focused on StarCraft, the setting felt more intimate. It felt more similar to the LAN parties of old than it did to the multi-day festival of gaming that
There’s one comparison in particular that everyone uses when trying to explain StarCraft II to their friends and family. “It’s like Chess,” or, “StarCraft II is the Chess of the computer generation.” It’s an easy way to help non-gamers understand why we