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DotA - State of the Genre

by Scraps - Nov 01, 2011
oday I'd like to discuss the state of the DotA games: where they are at now and some speculative insight into where they're going.
There is plenty of potential within the Counter-Strike community to once again light the world on fire, but for it to happen the two forces need to stop cancelling each other out and work together to make CS:GO the game they both want.
Having finally recovered from the wild and crazy activities at Blizzcon 2011, I give you, in no particular order... A Not So Serious List of Things I Learned From Blizzcon 2011
Ever since StarCraft II was released, MLG has been the go-to source for North American events. It took some time to get it right, but after an event like the one held in Orlando this month, everyone can agree that MLG is pretty close to nailing it. Howeve
Ympzd all comes down to three things really. Three pillars that today are fundamentally stronger than what they were seven years ago. The Holy Trinity of eSports: Technology, Tournaments and Teachers.
There are few things as fun as hanging out on a Sunday afternoon with a pizza, some beer, and a group of friends watching your favorite team play an important match in whatever sport you and your friends most enjoy. And that’s pretty easy to do if you and
September’s over and October is well upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking about the next installment of perhaps one of the best eSports competitions around: Major League Gaming. The next event is taking place next week in Orlando, Florida, and
Tally ho! It's time for tea, trousers, and top-hats together with everyone’s favorite British player, the jolly good EG.DeMusliM. His stunning 83% win rate makes the Queen of England proud...
After playing through the beta for countless hours, the WellPlayed staff has compiled this preview to familiarize you with the ins and outs of each of Diablo III's unique classes. Even though we were only able to play part of Act I, each class proved to b
As StarCraft II continues to grow in popularity, we are going to see a huge influx of press and media coverage intent on weighing in on this new oddity. There will be articles and blogs and blurbs and clips – each and every one giving their two cents on t

Eye of the Naniwa

by Offsajdh - Sep 24, 2011
..but at a time when most teenagers have no idea what they want to do with their lives, Naniwa knew exactly what he wanted, and more importantly he was willing to put it all on the line to get there.

Why Do We Watch?

by WellPlayed - Sep 22, 2011
What is it about sports like football, soccer, and basketball that draws hundreds of thousands of people to watch the games on a weekly basis while others like judo, gymnastics, and water polo get few viewers unless, perhaps, it is during the Olympics? Wh
Today was the first day League of Legends: Dominion was available to play on the live servers for a short trial period! If you haven’t heard, this is a new “capture point” game mode coming soon in League of Legends.

Know Your MOBAs

by PhilPhoenix - Sep 19, 2011
There exists in the wide world of gaming a very peculiar subgenre, one that has sprung from the roots of existing games to become its own free-thinking entity. In an age where game development has reached a level of unprecedented accessibility, no small-s
Hello Summoners! In case you haven't heard, has launched our new RAMPAGE King of Hill tournament series featuring some of the best League of Legends teams in the world. Many of us here play League of Legends regularly and I know I've been e

Rampage Primer

by PhilPhoenix - Sep 16, 2011
WellPlayed has always strived to create polished and compelling events to delight and enthrall eSports fans everywhere. So far these efforts have been focused on StarCraft II, but there are other games with exciting competitive scenes and devoted followin
After many months of endless stream cheating and being spammed, the time for chilling had passed.
Has this happened to you? I’m referring to it as Ladder Anxiety, and while I don’t claim to have invented the name, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject so maybe all of us can understand it a little better.
There’s a lot to be said for consistency, especially when discussing an event that is almost one-hundred percent reliant on a variety of technical components meshing together and working seamlessly for almost 72 straight hours. When dealing with powering
It takes a classy individual to remain consistently well mannered. Class commands respect, and respect is of extraordinarily short supply online.