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Shortly after the release of the iPad, Steve Jobs discussed how the versatile new device would fit into everyone’s daily technological lives. He likened the iPad and PCs to cars and trucks. Both get you from A to B, but as society evolved and people didn’
Major League Gaming announced the details for their newest StarCraft II event, the 2012 Winter Arena. I reached out to MLG to unearth every last detail of the event so I could make an accurate determination of price versus product.
..The math checked out. Theory and reality matched. Now imagine if we could do the same in StarCraft II. If we could dispel some commonly held beliefs regarding how the game should be played, if we could establish a better understanding of..
The decision that MLG made in pricing its Winter Arena event as a pay-per-view event is brilliant. I think it is necessary. I applaud the bravery of MLG in making this move and taking the risk for every tournament organizer and content producer out there.
There is a concept in game theory called "Perfect Play", which means exactly what you think it means: Performing the strategy or behavior that results in the best possible outcome for you regardless of your opponent’s response.

Z33K's Plan for 2012

by PhilPhoenix - Feb 02, 2012
2011 was an excellent year for esports. Organizations of every shape and size were able to carve out niches and provide high-quality services to keep the wheels of the esports engine turning. Z33K was one such website; started in 2010, it became a staple
Chris Lemley is one of the notable figures of the first esports boom, but he has yet to resurface since the end of Team Pandemic in 2009. Curious as to his whereabouts, Jon Higginbotham tracked Chris down and found him about as far removed from esports as
What’s up? Did everyone have a good holiday? I hope so, because now that 2012 is here, we have work to do. 2011 was a banner year for esports in many ways, but now isn’t the time to rest on our laurels. Our efforts have proven beyond a doubt that esports
"He's a piece of trash who wouldn't win any games if he didn't play Protoss." - IdrA talking about HuK, early 2011
The year 2011 is about to wrap up, and it has been quite a remarkable one for eSports. Millions of fans have tuned in to watch throughout the year. Think about that for a moment. The amount of people...
In the spirit of December, which for most of the world is a time to be charitable and help others in need. WellPlayed had a chance to interview Patrick Buckley, also known as Drogith in the eSports community, who is owner and organizer of the New England
Naniwa's an interesting player for sure, and very polarizing. Two months ago Offsadjh did a feature on Naniwa that took a closer look at the person behind all that competitive fire. If you aren't familiar with his past, it's a great read from right around
Dear Community Pillars, You guys are cool. No doubt about it. But we need to talk. There’s been a lot of fuss these past few weeks about a lack of independent eSports coverage, both from you and from the fans. But fans and pillars are not the same.
With Dota 2 and CS:GO on the horizon, Valve is now making a more focused effort on entering the eSports scene, which, given their history, is an incredibly thrilling prospect. Who better to discuss the matter with than Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve, an
There’s been a lot of talk these past few weeks about a need for more sources of content that aren’t tied to major sponsors or organizations. The problem as many see it is that a large portion of the talent in our community is being snapped up by said spo

The Power of Steam

by Scraps - Dec 02, 2011
When Steam first came out, I expected it to be a simple DRM / advertising platform by a large video game corporation that would ultimately slow down my computer's gaming performance. Prior to Steam, most of what I saw large corporations doing was not in..
Although it doesn’t have a set release date yet, DotA 2 is fairly far along in its development. Valve’s full-fledged sequel to the popular WarCraft III mod is well into its Beta phase, and although a number of characters are still absent, it’s safe to say
...the second and final part of our interview with compLexity founder Jason Lake and get his thoughts on the future of eSports going into 2012...
In this two-part interview, Jason Lake will today journey down memory lane with us and revel in a little bit of nostalgia while still acknowledging the not-so-glamorous beginnings of eSports...
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