WellPlayed Interviews: Sheth

Written by WellPlayed
May 05 2011, 2:03 PM EDT

by TheDickWard

Shawn "Sheth" Simon has been active on the StarCraft scene for some time now, but has only recently become a staple of the community. His stream is incredibly popular and he's one of few players to currently hold a perfect 4-0 record in the NASL, and has only dropped a single game in the league.

Dick:When did you first start playing StarCraft and at what point did you decide to take it to the next level and go pro?

Sheth: I've been playing StarCraft since I was around 11 - around 11 years ago. I first played a lot on the N64 with a good friend of mine every day after work. We were - to put it nicely - horrible, but still from that point on I played StarCraft. After I first played a game against a player on Lost Temple and he said "I'm sponsored" and I was just like "huh thats possible?" I've wanted to be a pro-gamer. He was sponsored by like bubble gum and shoelaces, but it still stuck that you could get stuff from StarCraft. About 2-3 years ago I decided I'd like to do StarCraft professionally, only since StarCraft II has that dream been viable.

Dick:You've gained a tremendous fan base over the last few months - what do you attribute that to?

Sheth: Honestly? I don't quite know! I'm one of the few pro-gamers that commentates his games at a fairly high quality and I used to play fairly good music over my stream. However, now I don't even do music and still I have a lot of viewers! Perhaps it was WellPlayed.org helping put my name out there ;)

Dick:You always seem to respond to fan questions in your stream after games, why is that important to you?

Sheth: It's important to me because I know as a human being it's important to be treated respectfully. It always seems a bit rude to me to ignore those watching you. For instance if they were all in real time by me and they wanted to ask me a question I sure wouldn't ignore them.. so why would I in my stream? (However yes I do ignore those 12 year olds with bad questions who just want to throw rocks at me!)

Dick:You've been very active on community sites, even urging your fans to upvote you on WellPlayed, putting you at #2 in popularity between Day[9] and IdrA. Do you feel that community interaction is essential for pros?

Sheth: It's not essential - a TON of players get by without it. However I really want to get involved with people and for me I feel this has definitely paid off. I have respectful mods and a respectful stream and hopefully a kind place to play and learn StarCraft II, I know that other players who don't interact with the crowd don't get this feel. I love that feel.

Dick:While some players are infamous for their trash talk, you're famous for being one of the most well mannered players in the game today. Is that something you strive for or are you naturally good natured?

Sheth: I played BW for 11 years and oooooh man you could get bad mannered. I played on X17 for a while and even on Europe things were a bit dicey in BW. I think now I've just grown out of it or heard it all... Trolling can still be fun though!

Dick:Do you feel there's a problem with the matchup between Zerg and Protoss? If so, what are the main factors?

Sheth: I do not. If there was, I'd like Force Fields nerfed somehow.

Dick:The most recent patch to the Public Test Realm made some big changes to Protoss. How do you think that would affect the ZvP matcup if implimented?

Sheth: Eep huge question. I think it will completely change the opening of it. 4 gates will be less effective while proxy gates will be much more effective. I also think early roach rushes might be more viable! 1 base roach anyone?

Dick:In a recent thread on WellPlayed, you commented that "Spanishiwas style is crap." Could you elaborate on why that is?

Sheth: I only say that because in Zerg vs. Protoss you will lose at least a good percent to cannon rush. Hatch first in ZvP is well.. risky at the least.

Dick:You're currently 4-0 in the NASL with wins over Artosis, Grubby, Rainbow and most recently TLO. How do you feel about your current record and your chances to finish at the top of your division?

Sheth: I'm proud of my current record. To put it simply I really just want to make the playoffs of my group. If I can make it to the top 2 that would be astronomical! I'm definitely afraid of my coming opponents and will train greatly for them!

Dick:You attended MLG earlier this year, competed in the IPL and you're currently participating in the NASL. What else is in the cards for 2011?

Sheth: All of the MLG's, a lot of Online tournaments and a great stream to help the viewers! (At least that's hopefully in my cards!)

Dick:What do you do when you're not playing StarCraft II?

Sheth: Hang out with friends, play football, juggle, read books (huge fantasy fan) and watch StarCraft II!

Dick:Any final thoughts, shoutouts or observations you'd like to make?

Sheth: Finals thoughts.. well WellPlayed is a great site, I definitely hope it keeps it up! Thanks so much for the interview! Big shoutout to FXO for being so helpful, to all of my lovely mods and to all of my friends who let me play StarCraft II and still be their good friends on my off time! Thanks a ton everyone! :)

You can find Sheth playing daily on his stream and competing in Division One of the NASL on Wednesday nights.