Interested in eSports? We're recruiting!

Written by WellPlayed
Nov 25 2013, 7:00 PM EST
We at WellPlayed are a close-knit team of talented, passionate individuals. We work together remotely to produce high-quality broadcasts that continually raise the bar of eSports production. We are looking to expand our arsenal. If you are an innovative mind driven by a love for competitive gaming as a whole, we want to hear from you. 

WellPlayed is seeking graphic designers, motion graphic artists, web developers, broadcasters, and general staff. 
Graphic Designers: 
  • Experience in Photoshop required
  • Our designers make stream assets, promotional graphics, website designs, overlays, etc for our events.
  • Must be able to match the quality of our current team.
Motion Graphic Artists: 
Web Developers:
  • Our developers build many of the tools we use to add features to our broadcasts, including our custom picks/bans screen, gold difference graphs, Twitch followers list, and more.
  • We work primarily with Ruby on Rails and AngularJS
  • We also have projects in Node.js and Java
  • Applicants should be very familiar with git
  • Submitting a code sample is highly recommended 
  • Our broadcasters are in charge of streaming our events live to TwitchTV. They handle changing scenes, cueing casters, showing overlays and observing the games.
  • Minimum hardware specs listed:
  • Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge i7 or Haswell i5/i7
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Three screens available
  • (Pref) Two distinct audio output devices on the broadcast PC
Applicants should be aware that we are a multi-game organization. We are fluent in the cultures of many different games, and so a passion for all of eSports is a must. We are run by volunteers, and hope to one day pay staff members. If you believe that you have something to add to our team other than what was listed on this page, please let us know. 
Send you resume and relevant work to [email protected]