Rampage Primer

Written by PhilPhoenix
Sep 16 2011, 12:34 PM EDT

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WellPlayed has always strived to create polished and compelling events to delight and enthrall eSports fans everywhere. So far these efforts have been focused on StarCraft II, but there are other games with exciting competitive scenes and devoted followings that deserve to be featured as well. No game fits this profile more than League of Legends, a game with millions of players and fans who deserve an event worthy of their passion. After weeks of planning and development, WellPlayed is finally ready to deliver just such an event: Rampage. A six-week League of Legends King of the Hill series, Rampage will feature six top teams and will unleash a bevy of new features intended to change the landscape of LoL tournaments forever.

The Format

Six weeks, seven teams, a $2500 prize pool, and one King of the Hill when all is said and done. Two teams will battle every weekend in a best-of-three match, and the winning team will return the following weekend to face a new challenger. The team that is the current “King” wins $200 every time they defeat a challenger. If a challenger defeats the current king, the challenger wins a bonus of 50% of the defeated king’s winnings to date. There is no prize for the losing team beyond what they have won up to that point.

Each team is allotted a maximum of 1 minute per pick or ban in addition to a 2 minute bonus pool time allotted to each team which they may use as a reserve during their picking or banning stage. For example, if a team wants to extend the period of deliberation for a particular pick, they can use 45 seconds of their bonus pool, and still have 1 minute and 15 seconds worth of time left over.

The order is as follows:

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The Teams

Week 1: Complexity vs RockSolid

Complexity Gaming added a League of Legends team to their organization in April 2011. The team was known as the Epic Charmanders when acquired and has since had additional players added to the roster. Although recently formed, Complexity is no stranger to building formidable gaming teams, so expect the team to make a strong showing in their debut week.

Team RockSolid is an up-and-coming team that will be making its LAN debut at IEM in October. Although they are currently unsponsored, the members of RockSolid are making their mark in the competitive LoL scene despite wrestling with real-world work and school schedules. Rampage presents an ideal opportunity for RockSolid to demonstrate their skills to a wide audience, so they’ve got all the motivation they need to put up a fight this Saturday.

Week 2: Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming is a very highly regarded LoL team, clinching the 2010 WCG Championship in a 2-1 series against SK Gaming and earning first place at Gamescom 2011 by defeating Team SoloMid. Clearly not a team to be trifled with, they will nonetheless be facing a challenge from either of the preceding teams, and if they win, they will face SK Gaming once again, so they will have to bring their A-game to the event if they want to win the crown.

Week 3: SK Gaming

SK Gaming added a League of Legends team to the roster in September 2010, and the team went on to place second at the 2010 WCG Championship that year. Their strong performance continued with a number of 1st place finishes in both ESL and IEM events throughout 2011. Hot off the heels of their top eight finish at Gamescom 2011, SK is no doubt hoping to face off against rivals like CLG and TSM once again for a chance at redemption.

Week 4: Team Curse

Team Curse is the latest incarnation of what was originally Team XXX. As Team XXX grew and improved, they were eventually picked up by unR. As the team continued to change members and compete, Curse offered them a sponsorship in August 2011 that rebranded them as Team Curse. They made their debut under the new moniker at MLG Raleigh and are primed to put Curse’s name on the map with a strong showing in this event.

Week 5: Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid represents SoloMid.net, one of the best-known online LoL communities and an invaluable resource for LoL strategies and guides. The team itself has made strong showings at a number of events, including placing third in the Dreamhack Summer Season One Championship. If they defeat their opponent in week five, they will go on to face Team Fnatic, which would certainly be an ideal opportunity to test their mettle against the best of the best.

Week 6: Fnatic Gaming

FnaticMSI is another organization with a long history in the world of eSports that has an arm in the competitive LoL scene. Their team is one of the most highly regarded in Europe, having won both the IEM Global Finals and the Dreamhack Summer Season One Championship. They are without a doubt one of the strongest teams in the world, and a worthy challenger for the final week of Rampage. Whoever ends up facing Fnatic, expect an unforgettable final bout.

The Commentators

Since Rampage showcases six talented teams, it’s only fair that the matches feature equally talented commentators to help analyze and contextualize the action for the viewers. Former pro players such as TreeEskimo and Dyrus will lend their voices to the series, as will popular voices such as Atlanta and Baron von Richthofen. ColbyCheeZe and FourCourtJester, two of the most recognized voices in LoL, round out the star-studded team. Each caster will bring their own unique personality, energy, and perspective to the event and will have something to offer all LoL fans, new and hardcore alike.

Are You Ready?

Rampage begins Saturday, September 17, and will continue for six straight weekends. The volatility of the KotH format guarantees an exciting and unpredictable path to week six against FnaticMSI, so be prepared for shocking comebacks, thrilling upsets, and crushing defeats as six top teams take turns pummeling one another into submission. Rampage has begun!