CPS Rules

Written by WellPlayed
Dec 27 2012, 11:17 PM EST
Rules are subject to change.
Sign ups, Team Registration, and Roster 
  1. To qualify for the CLG Premiere Series, a team must:
    1. Have a roster of 5-7 players (and up to 1 team Manager/Coach that fills the contact role),
    2. Be ranked among the top 16 of the teams that apply, based on the North American 5v5 ladder
    3. Have a designated team leader for organizational purposes.
    4. Have submitted an application on the CPS website. Register here.
    5. NOT be a team in the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS)
  2. A player may not play for multiple teams and should not be on multiple team rosters. If a player is on multiple teams, any or all of the teams may be disqualified.
  3. All teams that want to be considered for an invitation to the CPS must apply on or before January 21st*, 11:59 PM PST. The application must have the following information:
    1. A team name
    2. A full team roster with the following for each player:
      1. Real name
      2. Summoner name
      3. Approximate time spent playing League of Legends and/or other MOBAs
      4. Favorite champion
      5. Team role (Jungler, Support, etc)
    3. A designated team captain/Manager/coach
      1. This person will be the point of contact between the CPS and the team
      2. This person may be asked for an interview or commentary throughout the CPS
    4. How long the team has been together
  4. Rosters cannot change during the CPS. Use of a sub that is not on a team’s roster is up to CPS Admin and the enemy team’s discretion.
  5. Groups will be announced as soon as they are ready.
  1. The higher seed in the tournament is always on Blue side and gets the First Pick for the first game of each match. If the match is Best of 3 or Best of 5, sides alternate after every game.
  2. The 16 qualifying teams will be placed into four groups of 4 to begin the tournament. The Group Stage will start on Monday, January 28th. There will be one Group played in its entirety on each day, from January 28th to January 31st. Each group will be its own double elimination bracket, with all teams with 2 wins advancing to bracket play.
    1. A Round of 4 game, the Winner’s Finals and the Loser’s Finals will be streamed from each group.
  3. The top 2 placing teams from each group will then be placed into an 8-team, Double Elimination bracket to be played from Friday, February 1st through Sunday, February 3rd (specific times TBA).
  4. Prize Breakdown:
    1. 1st Place: $2,500
    2. 2nd Place: $1,250
    3. 3rd and 4th Place: $650
  5. Schedule:

  1. All teams are expected to show up on time. Failure to do so will cause a monetary deduction in any prize that the team eventually receives.
    1. All teams have a 5 minute grace period after their game is scheduled.
    2. If a game has been waiting for 15 minutes, the offending team receives a game loss.
    3. If a game has been waiting for (a total of) 30 minutes, the offending team receives a round loss.
    4. If a team has received a round loss due to being late, they may be disqualified if they are late again in the rest of the tournament.
  2. If a team is scheduled to play on stream, at least one player must be on standby 30 minutes prior to the scheduled match, unless the team is already playing in a game for CPS. If there is not a representative of the team on time, all the time penalties above are applied to the team from the standby time.
  3. Significant trolling, flaming, or harassment in or out of game is grounds for immediate personal disqualification from the tournament.
  4. Any players found to be cheating will disqualify their entire team. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Hacking one or more members of any other team, a spectator in the game, or a tournament Admin
    2. Use of DDoS against anyone involved with the CPS
    3. Giving or receiving information they would not normally have in champion select or game
  5. Players will not be permitted to stream during the event
  6. In the event that one or more players wants to change Runes, they must first complete the Picks and Bans.
    1. 2 minutes of time will be granted to change the Runes before entering the new lobby
    2. Obviously, the same Picks must be chosen for the game for both sides.

* Changed from 16th