CPS Grand Finals Monday at 5PM PST

Written by Vindexus
Feb 04 2013, 1:55 AM EST

Hello, summoners! The final matches of the CLG Premier Series will be played tomorrow at 5PM PST.

Azure Cats will be playing against Curse Academy with MonteCristo casting.

Prize Pool
$2,500 to first place and a qualifying spot in IPL6.
$1,250 for second place.

Azure Cats
Azure Cats is coming from the Winners Finals and has to win 1 Bo3 series to win CPS.

  • Gabriel Yazuki Ng - Solo Top
  • Wonsuk m 29x Heo - Jungle
  • Michael bigfatlp Tang - Solo Mid
  • Zach Nientonsoh Malhas - AD Carry
  • Lyubomir BloodWater Spasov - Support

Curse Academy
Curse Academy is coming from the Losers Finals and must win 2 Bo3 series to win CPS.

  • Keenan Rhux Santos - Solo Top
  • Christian IWillDominate Rivera - Jungler
  • Eugene Pobelter Park - Solo Mid
  • Johnny AltecRu Ru - AD Carry
  • Orie YoDa Guo - Support