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Diablo III - Beta patch 14 review. Blizzard announced Diablo III's launch date of May 15, 2012.
Major League Gaming announced the details for their newest StarCraft II event, the 2012 Winter Arena. I reached out to MLG to unearth every last detail of the event so I could make an accurate determination of price versus product.

The Power of Steam

by Scraps - Dec 02, 2011
When Steam first came out, I expected it to be a simple DRM / advertising platform by a large video game corporation that would ultimately slow down my computer's gaming performance. Prior to Steam, most of what I saw large corporations doing was not in..

DotA - State of the Genre

by Scraps - Nov 01, 2011
oday I'd like to discuss the state of the DotA games: where they are at now and some speculative insight into where they're going.
Today was the first day League of Legends: Dominion was available to play on the live servers for a short trial period! If you haven’t heard, this is a new “capture point” game mode coming soon in League of Legends.
Hello Summoners! In case you haven't heard, has launched our new RAMPAGE King of Hill tournament series featuring some of the best League of Legends teams in the world. Many of us here play League of Legends regularly and I know I've been e
Has this happened to you? I’m referring to it as Ladder Anxiety, and while I don’t claim to have invented the name, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the subject so maybe all of us can understand it a little better.
The difference between a game and a sport is fans. If a game has engaging gameplay, it can gain a competitive player base. If it is entertaining to watch, it can gain fans. When a game has players that want to play and viewers that want to watch, a third
Members of the Starcraft community will sometimes say a player has "good simcity" when talking about their structures. What are they talking about? While the term "SimCity" originally comes from the classic game of the same name, in Starcraft the term 'si