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Are the Pros Hungry?

by PhilPhoenix - Aug 16, 2011
Another MLG has come and gone, and once again the pros from Korea took all of the top spots. There were some close calls and even a few surprises, but when all was said and done, Korea reigned supreme for the second MLG in a row. The Gom-MLG exchange prog

After the Clash 2

by PhilPhoenix - Jul 12, 2011
Cyber Sports Network, widely known for their event coverage and the “Clash of the Houses” events in Korea, is bringing another must-see event to the community tonight. CSN held “After the Clash,” as a way to tie into “Clash of the Houses” and involve ev
Three months of nonstop StarCraft II matches culminated in the NASL Grand Finals this past weekend in Ontario, California. Now that the dust has settled and a champion has been declared, it’s time to gather our thoughts and reflect on what we’ve witness
There’s one comparison in particular that everyone uses when trying to explain StarCraft II to their friends and family. “It’s like Chess,” or, “StarCraft II is the Chess of the computer generation.” It’s an easy way to help non-gamers understand why we
A shock rippled through the StarCraft II community a few weeks ago when Utah Jazz player Gordon Hayward tweeted that he was going to be streaming online as he played StarCraft II. As the word spread, more and more incredulous viewers tuned in to watch G
Division One: Sheth vs. Morrow Game One: Sheth fast-expands and Morrow builds his Spawning Pool first, putting the two on opposite terms for the opening of the match. Morrow’s uses his earlier Spawning Pool to poke with Zerglings, but Sheth is prepared
Let’s get this out of the way right now: if you’re a StarCraft II fan, you owe it to yourself to go to an MLG event. If you like the game, you’ll leave loving it. If you already love it, you’ll find validation and friendship beyond expectation.
We’re almost there! Division play is in the final stretch, and it’s make-or-break time for players sitting in the middle of their divisions. Everyone is fighting for their last few victories, so there are plenty of thrilling matches to entertain fans of
The time has finally come to unveil the details on the Heart of the Swarm event held at Blizzard HQ on May 27. /r/Starcraft was kind enough to provide Diggity with an invitation in order to represent both Reddit and WellPlayed at the event, and we’re th
Week Six has ended and the competition is down to the wire. The lines have been drawn; not everyone will advance to the next stage, and it is quickly becoming that some players are only playing for pride. That said, many players in the middle of their di
With the close of week five, the NASL is now past the halfway point in its division play. While most players are still in the thick of competition, fighting for every, outliers have begun to emerge on both ends of the spectrum. Last week we covered some
Veyb5 is a website devoted to the cause of uniting the eSports community. The goal is to bring everyone together and get them talking about their favorite players, casters, matches, and tournaments. Now that everyone is here, it’s time to bring
We’re nearing the halfway point of the division play, and the shape of the tournament is slowly coming into focus. Players like IdrA, SeleCT, and Sheth are steamrolling the competition, putting them at the top of the pile so far, though there are still
As Week Three of the NASL draws to a close, the stakes have finally become critical. Now past the halfway point in the division stage, the players’ wins are beginning to secure their success or drag them down towards elimination. As always, the shufflin
We here at WellPlayed think that Kevin "CatsPajamas" Knocke is one of the rising stars of StarCraft II casting, and his new full-time gig with the IPL means that others are starting to feel the same way. For those of you who don't know who CatsPajamas i
Week two of the NASL has come and gone, and things just keep getting better. The production itself is improving every day and the matches are getting more exciting as every win and loss begins to carry greater weight. In the initial division stage of th
What a week! The long-anticipated North American Star League launched this past Monday, bringing with it a torrent of discussion. StarCraft forums across the internet exploded as users dissected every aspect of the production; some heaped praise upon th