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Destiny has been a divisive figure in the SC2 community, but his experiences offer a unique perspective on the way eSports has evolved.
Many felt let down by the story in Diablo III. Is it just this game that is troubled, or is it Blizzard as a whole?
WellPlayed may look a little different. We've updated the site and removed a lot of features. We'd like to tell you why.
The advent of accessible high-quality content streaming is one of the linchpins of the esports renaissance of the 21st century. Therefore, it stands to reason that any tournament worth its salt is going to put a lot of effort into creating an...
The esports community (and StarCraft II’s community in particular) is strongly united under the banner of growth. Everyone can do their part to help propel our fledgling phenomenon into the spotlight as one of the premiere sources of entertainment in the
Shortly after the release of the iPad, Steve Jobs discussed how the versatile new device would fit into everyone’s daily technological lives. He likened the iPad and PCs to cars and trucks. Both get you from A to B, but as society evolved and people didn’

Z33K's Plan for 2012

by PhilPhoenix - Feb 02, 2012
2011 was an excellent year for esports. Organizations of every shape and size were able to carve out niches and provide high-quality services to keep the wheels of the esports engine turning. Z33K was one such website; started in 2010, it became a staple
Chris Lemley is one of the notable figures of the first esports boom, but he has yet to resurface since the end of Team Pandemic in 2009. Curious as to his whereabouts, Jon Higginbotham tracked Chris down and found him about as far removed from esports as
What’s up? Did everyone have a good holiday? I hope so, because now that 2012 is here, we have work to do. 2011 was a banner year for esports in many ways, but now isn’t the time to rest on our laurels. Our efforts have proven beyond a doubt that esports
Dear Community Pillars, You guys are cool. No doubt about it. But we need to talk. There’s been a lot of fuss these past few weeks about a lack of independent eSports coverage, both from you and from the fans. But fans and pillars are not the same.
There’s been a lot of talk these past few weeks about a need for more sources of content that aren’t tied to major sponsors or organizations. The problem as many see it is that a large portion of the talent in our community is being snapped up by said spo
Although it doesn’t have a set release date yet, DotA 2 is fairly far along in its development. Valve’s full-fledged sequel to the popular WarCraft III mod is well into its Beta phase, and although a number of characters are still absent, it’s safe to say
Be sure to catch all of the action this weekend at Brackets and schedule viewable at
Ever since StarCraft II was released, MLG has been the go-to source for North American events. It took some time to get it right, but after an event like the one held in Orlando this month, everyone can agree that MLG is pretty close to nailing it. Howeve
After playing through the beta for countless hours, the WellPlayed staff has compiled this preview to familiarize you with the ins and outs of each of Diablo III's unique classes. Even though we were only able to play part of Act I, each class proved to b

Know Your MOBAs

by PhilPhoenix - Sep 19, 2011
There exists in the wide world of gaming a very peculiar subgenre, one that has sprung from the roots of existing games to become its own free-thinking entity. In an age where game development has reached a level of unprecedented accessibility, no small-s

Rampage Primer

by PhilPhoenix - Sep 16, 2011
WellPlayed has always strived to create polished and compelling events to delight and enthrall eSports fans everywhere. So far these efforts have been focused on StarCraft II, but there are other games with exciting competitive scenes and devoted followin
There’s a lot to be said for consistency, especially when discussing an event that is almost one-hundred percent reliant on a variety of technical components meshing together and working seamlessly for almost 72 straight hours. When dealing with powering
Nik Lentz came from a background in wrestling and Pre-Med studies to become the highly skilled MMA fighter many know him to be today. Who would have guessed that on top of that he is not only an avid gamer, but a huge StarCraft fan as well? Although his l
I couldn’t stay still anymore. Kevin Riley, better known as qxc, had already demolished three members of Incredible Miracle, arguably the strongest Korean pro StarCraft II team.