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With a few rare exceptions, and for whatever reason, the western scene has been unceremoniously stomped by the frankly superior quality of players originating from Korea.
...rarely is the physical strain of competitive gaming ever seriously discussed aside from the occasional mention of carpal tunnel syndrome and the like...
The story of "David vs Goliath" is as old as it is well known. In StarCraft II, there are many heroes to choose from, but no pair spark a stronger contrast than Quantic'Naniwa and Liquid'Tyler.
..The math checked out. Theory and reality matched. Now imagine if we could do the same in StarCraft II. If we could dispel some commonly held beliefs regarding how the game should be played, if we could establish a better understanding of..
There is a concept in game theory called "Perfect Play", which means exactly what you think it means: Performing the strategy or behavior that results in the best possible outcome for you regardless of your opponent’s response.
"He's a piece of trash who wouldn't win any games if he didn't play Protoss." - IdrA talking about HuK, early 2011
The year 2011 is about to wrap up, and it has been quite a remarkable one for eSports. Millions of fans have tuned in to watch throughout the year. Think about that for a moment. The amount of people...
...the second and final part of our interview with compLexity founder Jason Lake and get his thoughts on the future of eSports going into 2012...
In this two-part interview, Jason Lake will today journey down memory lane with us and revel in a little bit of nostalgia while still acknowledging the not-so-glamorous beginnings of eSports...
There is plenty of potential within the Counter-Strike community to once again light the world on fire, but for it to happen the two forces need to stop cancelling each other out and work together to make CS:GO the game they both want.
Ympzd all comes down to three things really. Three pillars that today are fundamentally stronger than what they were seven years ago. The Holy Trinity of eSports: Technology, Tournaments and Teachers.
Tally ho! It's time for tea, trousers, and top-hats together with everyone’s favorite British player, the jolly good EG.DeMusliM. His stunning 83% win rate makes the Queen of England proud...

Eye of the Naniwa

by Offsajdh - Sep 24, 2011
..but at a time when most teenagers have no idea what they want to do with their lives, Naniwa knew exactly what he wanted, and more importantly he was willing to put it all on the line to get there.
After many months of endless stream cheating and being spammed, the time for chilling had passed.
It takes a classy individual to remain consistently well mannered. Class commands respect, and respect is of extraordinarily short supply online.
What does science have to say about players performing 250-300 APM and how does that affect our decision making? How many things can the mind keep track of before losing information? Is there a golden amount of drops that can be sent to guarantee...